There is a lot of ambiguity related to best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This Crash Course will walk you through a proven method developed by us. We will also explain why certain things must be done, and in what order. Keep in mind, this is a simplified version of what we actually do for our clients, but it will certainly get you working in the right direction. This method will work independently of which HTML editor you use, but it will require you to have some knowledge of a few key ideas.

PREFACE: A few key ideas prior to any SEO

Web designers are often a breed of their own. They speak a different language many of us hardly even know exists. We do not know it exists, because we do not directly see it but we interact with it nearly every day. Every time you visit a web site and interact with it, you have web designers and programmers to thank. Often web designers have advanced degrees in web design, in addition to years of experience as freelancers. Many also have additional experience at professional advertising agencies.

There are so many blogs out there that it can be tough for a new writer to attract readers, even if the blog creator has plenty of interesting things to say. Here are some tips to help you get readers excited about your blog.
If you work as a freelance web developer or web designer, you know that staying productive can be a challenge, especially if you work from home.
Achieving 100% up-time is difficult. No web host can assure you that, and if anybody does, then they are not revealing the truth to you
When you decide to create a site, you may face a number of problems and most of them related to the questions - what exactly needs to be done and which steps should I follow?
It's cool when web forms have been created wisely and it’s absolutely obvious how to work with them. Use these recommendations to create smart forms