How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

How To Attract Readers To Your Blog

There are so many blogs out there that it can be tough for a new writer to attract readers, even if the blog creator has plenty of interesting things to say. Here are some tips to help you get readers excited about your blog.

Comment On Similar Blogs

One way to get readers is to start commenting on similar blogs. You do not want to spam other blogs, but you do want to let people know that you write about similar topics. Keep your comments on other blogs on topic. Try to start conversations with other blog writers. You should only mention your website once, and only in the appropriate place in the comment field.

Respond To Comments On Your Blog

Once you start to get some regular visitors to your blog, you need to respond to any comments they make. Thank them for reading your articles, and try to start a conversation with them. If readers feel welcome at your blog, they will return the next time you publish something.

Write High-Quality Content

You need to write high-quality content in order to attract readers and keep them coming back to your blog. Only publish blog entries that make you feel proud. Not everyone is going to like your writing style, but if you write the best blog content you can, you will attract readers.

Update Your Blog Regularly

You should also plan on updating your blog regularly so that your readers have a reason to keep returning. Update your blog once a week if possible. If you know that you are going to be busy or are planning an extended vacation, write some content in advance and have it posted automatically at a certain time. This will help you stick to your publishing schedule. Additionally, writing blog posts regularly can help you improve your composition skills.

Keep Your Blog Entries Short

Most people like to read short blog entries, and if a paragraph or article is too long, they will skim it or ignore it altogether. Keep your blog entries short, and break them up with subheading and lists.

Consider Contests

Many bloggers attract readers by having contests. These contests can take many forms. Sometimes, bloggers have people submit guest posts, and the winner gets their piece published on your blog. This type of contest will work best once your blog has an established readership. You could try a basic giveaway contest to attract new readers.

Let Readers Share Your Content

Make sure that your blog posts can be shared through social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook. Many blog websites let you add sharing buttons to your content. Add these buttons so that readers can share your posts easily with their friends. Their friends might just become regular readers.